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3 Must-know Dusting Tricks


Everyone dreams of a nice and beautiful house. People spend a lot of money to build we furnished house but a house doesn’t look good unless it is clean and tidy.

Cleaning a house every day is a tough job but if you know the right trick to do the chores, you can get the job done in no time. Cleanliness is one thing but a house should be safe to live in. Water can seep into the basement or in the base of the walls of the house and make them weak.


You should make sure that your house should remain safe structurally and you should look for a solution to do this job. Well, your worries have come to an end because if you are tired of dusting again and again then you can simply apply home painting to your home. In this article, we will provide you all the information about the easy and effective dusting tricks that you should definitely know about. So here are all three best dusting tricks that you should definitely know.


Applying car wax is an interesting trick but it works efficiently. When you do the cleaning of the glazed places like a mirror or things made of steel which should show luster, you want them to stay like that but dust immediately settles on them.


Now this will not happen because you can apply car wax to the glazed places to prevent the dust from settling on the lustrous surface. Car wax has a unique nature of settling into the very small spaces and makes the surface smooth so that the dust particles could not stay on the surface. If dust settles on the surface only a simple wipe is enough to clean it.


You can use dryer sheets as an excellent material for dusting. A dryer sheet removes dust more efficiently and can be used to reach difficult places and provides a cleaner result.

It is ideal to remove dust from table boards and furniture. Good quality wipes can also be used like dryer sheets. These wipes can be washed and then again reused easily.

These wipes provide a thorough clean during the dusting process. You can also clean creases and narrow spots, for example, you can clean the buttons of your keyboards easily and efficiently. You can also use these wet wipes to remove dried stains, dirt, spill stains and other layers of dirt that is piled on the plain surfaces.


The old plastic squirt bottle is one of the best Dustin tricks. These empty plastic bottles have a nozzle-like opening and this opening is used to create a strong blow of air to wipe off the dust from the corners and from those tight spaces where your finger cannot reach.

This bottle should be the perfect tool for you to clean out dust from the corner of a picture frame. There are a lot of tight spaces where you cannot reach but you can easily clean them with this empty plastic squirt bottle trick.


It will surely provide you with a strong blast of air to wipe out the high places like inside ventilation ducts and computer’s body. You can clean all sorts of things and places easily with the help of this squirt bottle and no effort would be required.

These are the entire best and effective dusting trick that you should know to keep your home nice clean and tidy. These tricks will surely provide you some brilliant dusting hacks that will help you in dusting chores.

Now after knowing these easy tricks, dusting will be enjoyable for you. This article will surely provide all the solutions to your every problem but if you still have any uncertainties, we will be really pleased to explain all of them in our forthcoming articles. We will try our best that each future article from us becomes more beneficial for you. We will try our best to provide you the best knowledge till then use these tricks to keep your house clean and safe.

I am sure you will like this article because we have given you all the excellent and studied information. So, stay tuned for more updated articles because more informative articles are on their way.

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