Best Android Launchers for 2K18

Nowadays android os is the most dominant over every other mobile OS available in the market. This dominance is mainly due to endless customization opportunity provided by it. Android is an open source os that allows us to customize it in any way user wants it to. With thousands of launchers, font styles, widgets, themes and much more, we can customize Android and make our experience much more interactive.

The launcher is one of the most customizable parts of Android. Talking about the launcher, there are thousands of them available. Every phone comes with some default launcher; if you are using stock Android, It comes with stock default browser(google now launcher). Let’s talk about it first

Google now launcher

It is available for all android devices with Android 4.1(Jellybean) or higher.

Swipe right on the home screen to access google cards

Say “Ok Google” and have your work done by google assistant.

Apps are arranged in A-Z format.

Google default apps support. Google search from every screen.

Using Third Party Launchers

One Question that arises in mind that why leave default launcher and use third party launchers?  The answer is pretty simple…third party launchers provide a lot of customization to suit our needs. Let’s talk about some of the third party launchers available in the market.


  1. Nova Launcher

  • One of the oldest launcher available in the market(since the beginning of android)
  • Support a lot of themes, icon packs, Color controls, Widgets and much more
  • 3D animation support
  • Fast, keep the animations smooth
  • support number of gestures..open apps with customizable gestures(available in pro version(paid))
  • slight resolution issues on time of reboot(drawback…can be corrected in newer updates).
  1. Microsoft launcher

  • Failure from window launcher make Microsoft enter android launchers(write-in sarcasm form)
  • Changed the name from arrow launcher to Microsoft launcher.
  • Link to your Microsoft account and access your calendar, documents and recent activities in your personalized feed.
  • Pin favorite contacts to anywhere on a home page, dock or any folder.
  • Snap a pic on your phone and see it instantly on your window pc(coolest feature). Office 265 document is linking between phone and pc.
  • Universal search bar to search on web and phone at one time.
  • Gesture Support with customization.
  • Faster than default stock launcher(my point of view)
  1. Evie Launcher

  • Better performance and is one of the fastest
  • The universal search feature lets you search all of your apps in one place
  • You can create custom shortcuts like calling someone or text or something like that
  • Pixel-like app drawer(moto and MI a1 like)
  • Smooth and fast. I personally really like the theme and colors used
  • You can customize your layout, wallpaper, icons from scratch. Make your homepage unique
  • Double tap to lock(one of the features I liked the most)(though it makes the working a little difficult like uninstalling apps
  1. Apex Launcher

  • In market from a long time(since nova launcher)
  • Boost up your experience with up to 9 home screens
  • Customize your app drawer on the go.(e.g., Transparent, horizontal/vertical and so on)
  • Hide apps from the drawer(really liked this feature)
  • Lock desktop layout to prevent unwanted changes
  • Lots of themes support
  • Customize almost everything from layout to icons and folder style and so on(lots of theme packs and icon packs available)
  • Gestures customization(available in pro version)
  • Love to customize acc to your need, this is the launcher for you.
  1. Everything Me

  • It automatically arranges your apps in folders you choose (for ex. All messaging app in one….entertainment apps in one and so on)
  • Frequently contacted contacts on the top of the list automatically.(quick contacts)
  • Predict required app and make work more comfortable (learn from your habits)
  • Customizable gestures(free)
  • App store that provides best matches for you.
  • Available in lots of languages
  • If you need a smart launcher to make your smartphone much smarter, this is the launcher for you.


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