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Top 3 desktop speakers under 100

Listening to music is a favorite past time for the users especially when they are resting or doing work. Soothing songs and different genres of music help to increase the productivity of the people.  It is only possible when you buy high quality speakers because they deliver amazing performance. Majority of users think that only premium speakers provide crystal clear and powerful sound however it is a wrong notion. In fact there are many products that cost under 100 $ but are second to none in terms of quality. Here is the list of some of the bets speakers that are cynosures of all eyes:


Edifier Exclaim e10:

Exclaim from Edifier is one of the best desktop speakers under 100 because it is priced in the vicinity of 98 bucks. One of the most important aspects of the product is that it is compact and does not occupy lot of space on the desk.

There are dual 1.5 inches in the upper part of the speaker to filter out distortion in an easy and hassle free manner. At the bottom, 3 inch woofer sits coolly to deliver balanced sound to the users.

The speaker has got positive reviews from the customers on all reputed shopping portals. It comes with a non conventional design including a broad base. In addition matching base radiator is accompanied by the silver column rising from the front. Since tweeters operate on higher frequencies they are able to deliver refined voice to the users.

Silver structures are positioned at angles, therefore the sound reaches directly to the ears. As a result, the 8 and 10 w power signals reach the ears. They are accentuated with the help of the inbuilt amplifiers built into the speakers.

Right active speaker is connected to the right passive speaker using cable and is responsible for providing quality entertainment at the fraction of the price. Movie dialogues, vocals and instrument are combined together to provide top of the line fidelity to the users.

It is far better than some of the high end premium speakers located in the same category. Although the sound is not the loudest, edifier is still a good bet to get powerful musical sound. In addition, the speaker is styled to work in a seamless manner with Mac.


Mackie CR3:

Mackie is not a speaker for disco stations but is a multimedia creation that is very popular among the users. It comes with a tweeter consisting of a tiny wave guide designed to eliminate the interference. The components are slightly raised and sport ultra green styling to provide aesthetic appeal. They also play a very important role in preventing edge diffraction in the upper treble.

Back of the tweeter is enclosed with the help of a make shift enclosure, hot glue and staples. It is an important set up to stop the air leaks to a great extent.


As far as the woofer is concerned, it sports 3.5 inches height and resemble a poly cone. CR 3 is equipped with a delicate dome devoid of grills. Hence, it provides streamlined design appearance to the users. Woofer placement is innovative as it is mounted in a recessed manner. Due to the position of the component, it provides amazing results to the users.


At the back of the woofer one can find little vents for creating deep sound. Only a very small amount of clearance is available between the baffle and the vents to deliver exceptional performance when the music is played.

External body of the speaker is impressive as it comprises of vinyl wrap that matches with the matte black. Baffle cover over MDF makes the overall appearance quite impressive. In short the above mentioned attributes make Mackie one of the best computer speakers under 100.

Cyber acoustics CA 3602:

2.1speaker system is enclosed in a wooden cabinet and delivers booming performance both in terms of bass and clarity. It is studded with a handy control pod and comes with a high quality head phone. The latter can be used when you do not want to disturb the neighbors with the loud music.

Touted as one of the best pc speaker under 100, Cyber acoustics does not cost more than 40$. Combined with decent sound quality, the product has the capability to create a party like atmosphere right inside the room.

In order to get the perfect sound output, people may have to tweak the sound profiles on the computer.  Playing music with the speaker is a wonderful experience for the users. It is right up with the best to manage the sounds with heavy bass. At high frequencies, the sound appears muddled however it is still far better than the other speakers.

Volume and bass knobs are available on the control pods for easy accessibility. Cable is available right near the PC so that users can plug into the headset when required.

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