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How to Change Country in Google Play Store

Searching for an exact guide on How to Change Country in Google Play Store? Here is everything that you wanted to know so read the post till the end and If you like the article, don’t forget to share it on social media. 😉

Everyone knows that Google Play Store is one of the best ways to download android applications and games online, but Google play store has much more than this. If you are a gaming freak here I have a list of best games like Skyrim, so have a look at this too. 😉

Ahh! Sorry, I just went a little bit off-topic. Well, You are not here for knowing about Google Play Store. You are here to learn that How you can change the country in Google Play Store. 

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How to Change Country in Google Play Store

For your address, or providing you the access to the country, Google uses your default billing address. So, If you want to change your country in Google Play Store, then changing our country in our billing address will perform all of our tasks. Below are two methods, you can try both of them. 🙂

#1. Method 1-

1. First of all, you have to sign into your Google Wallet.

Note- If you have already added any payment method then Delete them all, If not then simply move forward.

2. After that, you have to insert a card(The Card should be from the country you want to change).

3. Now Open Play Store and Navigate for any of paid app which is available for download. Simply, Click on Install, And Accept and Buy. And Now Close the Play Store.

4. Now clear all of your previous data from play store. Use this method, Setting>Apps>Google Play Store>Clear Data and Cache. To remove all the cache files too.

5. Now Re-Start the App, and you’ll see that the Google Play Store has changed to your Default country.

This is the first method, and It works almost everytime 😉 Even If It doesn’t work for you, you can simply follow the 2nd Method mentioned below. 😉

#2. Method 2-

1. Simply go to any Internet Browser and visit Google Wallet. You can visit there by this link.

2. Now Navigate to settings and Locate for Your Addresses and Change your Current home Address.

3. Now Visit Old Address Tab and Remove all of your previous Addresses from Address Book.

Now a Pop-Up will appear, Accept the New Terms and Conditions for the new country.

4. Now Visit Play Store in your Android Device and Clear Data Using the Method I have recently discussed. (That Clear Cache and Memory Method).

That’s it. Now You Can Easily Change your Country in Play Store.

Also, Watch this video for more info. 😉


For Many Reasons If it doesn’t work, You can Use VPN’s for That, Here is a List of Best Free VPNMany of the VPN’s from List is freely available for both, Android And iOS. 😉

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This was our Article on “How to Change Country in Google Play Store.” Hope you guys like it. If you have any questions or Any Suggestions regarding this article, please share in the comment section below.


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