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Hidden Features In Google Pixel 2

Hidden Features In Google Pixel 2

Smartphones have made our life much easier and better. They are included with all the essential features that a person needs in his day to day life. Simply, you can take the output of hundred devices from a single smartphone. There are many smartphone brands in the market and last year Google also launched its very own smartphone.

It was named pixel but this year they have done a great job and launched Pixel 2. A portable smartphone which is easy to use is one of the easily reachable user devices which help the people of any generation to gather all kinds of information.

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Google Pixel 2

In this article, we will provide you all the information you need to know about all the Hidden features in Google Pixel 2. It is an amazing device made by Google and with this Google has made its great leap in the phone industry with the Google pixel 2.

We will tell you everything about the new smartphone which is Google pixel 2 and all its hidden features in detail. We will also provide you a list of all the hidden features and tell you detailed information related to those hidden features. So here is a list of all the hidden features that you need to know about in the new Google Pixel 2.

Squeeze and Call Google Assistant

The new Google Pixel 2 has an active edge technology in it. This means that it consists of a lot of sensors on its edges and you can use it for many purposes but the main purpose is to call up the Google assistant.

Squeeze and Call Google Assistant in google pixel 2

You just have to squeeze it and it summons up the Google assistant which helps you with many things. You can also take screenshots and selfies on Google Pixel 2 by just knowing the right key combination. If you have jumped from the IOS to android then this must be new to you.

Menu Button

It is also an interesting hidden feature in the new Google Pixel 2. The menu button is hidden in clear sight that in the new Google Pixel 2 and it is really easy to click on the hidden menu button rather than reaching the top of the screen for selecting or canceling something.

Dark Theme

Another hidden feature of the Google Pixel 2 is it has a dark theme hidden feature. It’s not really a dark theme; it is just something that happens when you put up a dark wallpaper on your phone.

Dark Theme in google pixel 2

In this black theme mainly the wallpaper turns black so as the app shade and the tray that pops out also turns black in this theme and it looks really classy. It really compliments the new Google Pixel 2’s display completely.

Pop-Up Floating Navigation

The new hidden feature of the new Google Pixel 2 is the pop-up floating navigations. The Google maps and other apps can provide you pop up floating navigations which helps you multitask easily. You can multi-task with using several apps at a single time.

You can use Facebook while getting directions from the Google maps easily. You just have to open the Google maps app and hit the home button once. The navigating Google app will shrink to a pop-up size easily.

Pop-Up Floating Navigation

The floating window which will appear on the screen when you shrink the tab to a pop up can be moved anywhere on the screen easily and can be canceled easily just by dragging it to the canceling cross symbol. You can do this with all the apps you need and those pop-ups will never bother you or block your view.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So these are all the hidden features of the new Google Pixel 2. These are all the details you want to know about the hidden features the Google pixel 2. I am sure you will completely love this article to a much larger extent because it has all the information you need to know about the hidden features of new Google Pixel 2.

I hope this article will provide you all the information you need to know about all the hidden features of the new Google Pixel 2. If you still have any kind of queries or problems that are bugging your minds then feel free to ask us anything.

It will be our utmost pleasure to provide you with all the answers to your queries and solution to your problems in the best and meaningful way. We will provide all the answers to our next upcoming articles. So stay tuned for a whole range of knowledgeable article because more updated and informative articles are on their way toward you.

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