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How to Use an Old Smartphone as a CCTV Camera

Mostly all the people loves to buy latest smartphones. Because at present time after one or two days the latest smartphone with some latest and unique features launched. Smartphones like Google Pixels, Redmi Note 4, Nokia 6 and So many. So we all want to try those features, and then we have to sell our old smartphone. But sometimes the price of a phone fall down very fast, in that situation, we can’t sell our phone for a low price. But don’t worry that mobile has some worth till now. You can use that smartphone as your CCTV camera.

Yeah! You heard right, in this article, I’ll tell you how you can turn your old unusual smartphone in a useful smartphone CCTV camera.

how to use old smartphone as cctv camera
how to use old smartphone as CCTV camera

How to Use OLD Smartphone as CCTV Camera

Follow these simple steps to turn your smartphone into a useful Smartphone CCTV Camera:

If you search in Google Play Store for CCTV camera, then you will found hundreds of apps for smartphone CCTV Camera. Thus it is very difficult for you to test each of them. SO for your convenience, we tested many apps and find out a well-working app, which is Athome app. So we advised you to use it for Smartphone CCTV camera. This Guide How to Use OLD smartphone as CCTV Camera may surely help you. 🙂

Steps to Use OLD Smartphone as CCTV Camera

1. Download and install Athome Video Streamer- Monitor application on your older smartphone. This old smartphone will be used for the purpose of live streaming the camera feed.

2. Now download and install the Athome Video Streamer- Monitor application on that tablet where you want to receive the CCTV feeds. That smartphone will be used for the purpose of viewing the camera feed which is streamed on your old phone.

3. On your both phones launch these apps and as soon as these goes online. The Athome Video Streamer app will generate a unique Connection ID. It also generates a User Id and password. You have to fill this information on your that device in which you want to monitor the CCTV feeds or in which you want to watch live streaming.

4. Here is also an option of scanning QR code. You can also use this option instead of filling Id and password. Scanning is a quite bit faster task and also very reliable.

5. In simple words, on the device in which you want to watch the CCTV feeds, launched the Athome app which is also known as Athome Camera on iOS. And then fill all the required information i.e. User ID and password or scan the QR code.

6. After this, your CCTV streamer device and receiver device will start their working.

How to Monitor with PC

If you want to monitor the CCTV Feeds on your PC then you can also do so. Just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Download and install Athome Camera Desktop Client on your desktop.
  2. If your PC has a webcam then you can scan QR code, otherwise, you have to generate a username and password.
  3. In desktop client, you can add up to four Live Camera streamers. This means you can attach four devices with your PC and monitor four different locations at the same time. Which was not allowed in smartphone’s case.
  4. This app has some others features also like
  • scheduled recording,
  • Two-way talk.
  • You can also switch between the front and rear camera and enable the LED flash remotely.
how to use old smartphone as cctv camera
how to use old smartphone as CCTV camera

Most important thing is that the video quality is SD quality MP4 format, which is much better than the majority of CCTVs.

If you record one minute using this, then it will take 3mb of storage. And if you record 24 hours, then it will require 4.5 GB. So you have to transfer the recording daily to your computer if your mobile has not much storage. This app also consumes 64mb data in 10 minutes. So if you use Wi-Fi then it will be good. This app is running without any update and till now this app is a very good app which offers amazing performance.

So start recording by using above mentioned steps and make your old phone a good Smartphone CCTV camera.

Downlad Link of Application is Below.




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