Must Check: The 10 Most Downloaded Apps of India in 2017

It is a fact that the apps are currently ruling the smartphones. Promising the services, they are truly a great help for the users by simply downloading them one can get the assistance of these apps at once.  So here we have tried to figure out the top ten most downloaded apps for the Indians.


there is hardly any smartphone in India that does not have this app. The messaging app boasts more than a billion active users on a monthly basis, globally. This app is so efficient with all the benefits of calling, video chat, as the latest emojis and of course fast messaging. It holds the first position in terms of downloading and using the app.

Facebook Messenger

it comes in the second position. Facebook’s latest addition is the Messenger. This app too has multiple communicating options and is too efficient. As the users of Facebook have a certain number, the user of the app to consists a great number.


SHAREit is a Wi-Fi based file-transfer app that hails from China, and the best part of it is it can transfer a number of files and folders and videos too in a fraction of a second. But the fact that is the highlight of the app is it does not need an internet connection.


this app is a true help to identify the unknown calls and thus it helps to identify the spam calls and the name of the caller. Currently, it has risen to its global position on Android devices. One of the most efficient apps to help you to track the caller.


the Facebook app is holding the fifth position currently. The users of Facebook love to get the app to use it through the smartphones. The Facebook app got over 200 million users in India only.


this is an Indian app and is too popular currently. The user can watch most of the Bollywood and Hollywood movies and Indian television series. Though there is a subscription charge, the sound and HD video quality is worth the price.

Facebook Lite

the lite version of the Facebook app is on this list for its popularity for its incredible speed and performance. It has crossed the 200 million users’ milestone along with over 184 million active users in India alone, monthly.


this app has made its introduction this year only. Another Indian app that is too popular in Indian market currently. But as a fact, the users of the Jio network service can only avail the app and the benefits of it. This is a hindrance for this app to flourish. But the way the number of Jio user is increasing, it will not be that difficult for the app providers to get a great number of this app’s users.

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UC Browser

created by Chinese social networking giant Alibaba, UC Browser is one of the swiftest browsers that is a current favorite of India. But there is the fact that this app has lost its popularity recently.

MX Player

MX Player is a utility video player which is successfully holding the seventh position in India. This app has its base in Korea and has a lot of facilities which help it being more popular one of the most cherished apps in India.

These top ten apps of India proves the demand of the smartphone users in India, and we hope with time there will be some more apps to give a tough competition to these apps.

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