NordVPN Review – The Search for Best VPN Provider Ends Here

NordVPN Review – The Search for Best VPN Provider Ends Here

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) has become a need of the hour. With so many security concerns arising for the internet users, they now have to think about their online security and privacy. A VPN has emerged to be a powerful solution for the users who use the internet every day for long hours. The internet is not at all a safe place anymore. You need to be really clever while browsing through the internet or on the deep web and sharing your personal data over it. Everything is getting monitored either by your ISP, government authorities or a spy who has got access to your network.

The VPN protects you against all these threats. But, you need to be selective while choosing a VPN. There are thousands of VPN providers on the web, not all of them are trustworthy. Many of them store the user logs and sell them as well. It is better to go with a trusted VPN provider. One such trustworthy VPN provider is NordVPN. Visit to learn more about. You can go through this review to know its basic functionality.

NordVPN – Hands-on Review

Before we learn more about NordVPN, it is important to understand what actually a VPN is? A VPN is a network of virtual secured servers that encrypts all the web traffic through its encrypted tunnels minimizing the possibilities of data leakage. It is capable of hiding your IP address making it easier for you to browse the internet privately. Now, let’s talk about NordVPN.

NordVPN is a Panama-based company that was started five years ago. Since then, it has established 2200+ servers in 61 countries of the world covering six continents. Its servers deliver blazing fast speeds and are made for the people who love to stream using a VPN. It can deliver the exceptional performance and can cater the needs of the general public. NordVPN has established itself as one of the fastest growing networks and has even received the PC Mag’s Editor Choice Award twice.

It is a multi-platform oriented network that works fabulously well on different platforms and OSs. It can function on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and routers as well. It is also available for Apple TVand few other devices. All you have to do is purchase its subscription and download the VPN client according to your device. The tutorials can be checked from its knowledge base, and the software can be installed without much hassle.

Top Notch Features of NordVPN

NordVPN is powered with lots of exciting features. It is one of the finest premium VPN providers available on the internet, and this is the reason why millions of people trust its services. Some of its best features are as follows:

Double VPN Protection

It is one of the very few VPN providers which offer double VPN configurations to its users enhancing the level of security. The single encryption is hard enough to be breached, and the double encryption makes it impossible for any intruder to breach through the security and steal your private data.

A double VPN protection means that NordVPN routes your data twice before sending it to the receiver end. The first VPN server knows the source of data while the second VPN server only knows that the data has come from the first VPN server and it has to be delivered to the receiver. Your data is encrypted twice in this process by adding an extra layer of security.

Dedicated IP Address

NordVPN also offers a dedicated IP address to the user. You can easily buy a remote server IP address and use it whenever you establish a connection with the server. That IP address is only assigned to you, and no other user on the NORDVPN servers can have access to that IP address. This feature ensures that you have your own personal IP address which replaces your original IP.


CyberSec is one of the excellent features that were introduced to NordVPN a few months back. With this feature in use, you can block the malicious website from getting opened on your system. The suspicious websites are blocked by NordVPN so that no malware can infect your device. Moreover, CyberSec also helps you to block the pop-up ads and other flash-ads that might try to steal your personal information by luring you with offers.

Strict No Logs Policy

Unlike most of the VPNs which claim to store the user logs, NordVPN actually means its promises made to the users. The strict No-Logs policy is the proof that it doesn’t store any logs. This means that all your cookies and browsing session data is deleted there and then. Nothing is shared with your ISP or any other government authority.

Automatic Kill Switch Technology

It is one of the most powerful features offered by NordVPN to its users. During the connection lost situations, NordVPN terminates all your existing connections so that all your sensitive data stays protected.

DNS Leak Protection

Your DNS leaks all your browsing session history to the ISP. But, NordVPN makes use of its own DNS so that your ISP cannot receive the data of your browsing sessions. You can browse just any website when connected to the NordVPN servers.

Blazing Fast Servers

Streaming is a wonderful experience on NordVPN. NordVPN allows you t check the load on the server you are trying to connect and select the server with the minimum load so that you can experience good streaming speeds.

Minimal Pricing

With the quality of service it offers to its users, the prices are kept minimal. The 2-year plan costs you $3.29/month. The monthly plan is little expensive costing you $11.95. Going for a 2-year plan is a great choice.

Over to You

NordVPN is one of the best choices to make if you are looking for reliable VPN provider that offers wonderful services at a nominal price to all its users. Spending your money on NordVPN is worth. You will be proud of your decision after using the services of NordVPN.

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