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How To Root Android Device? Benefits and Disadvantages

Are you Bored with the Default, Boring, Not so customizable Android Stock ROM or You want to make ultimate control over it? Well, Android is one of the most usable and customizable operating systems ever. But the stock ROM doesn’t allow you to customize it as you want. This time Rooting comes to play an Important Role. This is a Full Guide on How to Root Android Device and May Surely Going to solve all of your Queries related to Rooting Android.


What is Android Rooting & Why You should do?

Rooting an android device means providing it an access of “SuperUser”. This is the same thing like “Jailbreaking in an iOS or iPhone Device.

The Word Root comes from Linux as in Linux a user with root access, can modify any file or data and work as a Superuser. That’s why the term calls Rooting.

After Rooting you provide your phone a Superuser Permission and can modify any single thing in your device. Things like changing ROM’s, Installing Custom Softwares, Tweaks to increase Battery life, Increase Performance and Durable. There are a lot of things you can do with Rooted Device.

The time we buy a new device the manufacturers provides us a Guest Privilege, the reason behind that is simple because they don’t want you to screw your device so it can not be repairable again. And also it’s easy to provide OTA (On the Air) Updates to Smartphones with Guest Privilege. But Because of that Guest privilege there a lot of features that you can’t even think to try. That How rooting helps you there. Rooting will help you to access there to use these features. 🙂 Below is the Guide of Rooting Android Phone Using Kingoroot App.

How to Root Android Device

Root Android Device

Well, There are two possible ways of Rooting Android Phone or Tablet. First One Comes without PC and the Second one with PC. It is not a rocket science needs for rooting Android, Just some simple Steps. Here I am going explain How you can Root Android Without PC so Here I am going to show the list of Steps.

 “Caution: Rooting or Modifying your device in any way will void your manufacturer’s warranty & Possibly it can brick your Device. the word brick means it will screw your device’s software so badly that your device can no longer function properly and pretty much as useless. I do not recommend anyone root their device. this post is only for the educational purpose which has all pro’s and con’s so that you can make an educated decision on your own.”

How To Perform Android Rooting Without PC


The easiest and Best way of Android Rooting is using Kingo Root Android Phone Application. Here is the Official download link of Kingo Root that you can use to Download and Root your Android Phone. This App can Provide you Root access in Just One Tap.

The Only issue with this Application is it is not available in Playstore. So You need to Download and Install it manually in your Device. Below I provided a download link that may help you in Downloading and Installing it.

How to Root Android Device - Full Guide on Rooting Phone
How to Root Android Device – Full Guide on Rooting Phone
Download KingoRoot App

Note; You Must have to Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown sources to install this. If you have not did it yet that simple go to Setting then Tap on Security And scroll down. There you’ll see unknown sources, Tap on it to toggle on. Now you can Install this Application.

After Installing the Application, Open it and Wait. Then it will show One Click Root, Tap on it and Wait for 60-120 Seconds. Make sure you have a working Internet connection because it downloads root files from the server.

Voila! You just root Android Phone. If it Doesn’t root, Below is how you can root it Using PC.


How to Root Android Device Using PC

If your Android can’t root with Its App, You can try it’s Windows version for Rooting Android Phone. The Windows version provides much more security and More chances of Rooting. Also, it decreases chances of Bricking too.

Steps To Follow

1. Download and Install Software’s PC Version from Link Below.

How to Root Android Phone - TheTechnicalAuthor
How to Root Android Phone – TheTechnicalAuthor
Download KingoRoot App PC Version

Uncheck the Install Chromium Yahoo Browser. and Then Click on Decline.

2. Enable USB Debugging By Visiting Developer Option of your android phone. For this just Tap on Setting, then About Phone and Tap 7 Times in your Build number. Now you have activated the developer mode in your device and you are ready to root phone you have.

Full Android Rooting Guide - How to Root Android Phone
Full Android Rooting Guide – How to Root Android Phone

3. Now Open KingoRoot in your PC and connect your phone to PC using Synch Cable. then your android screen will pop up and Ask Allow USB Debugging from this PC. tap on Allow 🙂

4. Now Click on Root and Wait for Some time. After Some time you will see a text that your device is rooted Successfully. 🙂

If After that you’ll have any Issue with this guide, Ask Your Question by Commenting Below.

Advantage of Rooting an Android Phone

There are tons of Benefits of Android Rooting but Below I am going to mention the Best ones. It is not easy to explain all but I am trying to Explain the most important ones 🙂

Installing Custom ROM’s

A majority of Peoples Root their device just because they get so bored with traditional and want to change ROM. This is one of the best things that you can do after rooting your device. A Custom ROM is like a software that allows you to provide GUI ( Graphical User Interface). There are tons of Custom ROM available in the store. The best way to learn custom ROM porting is XDA’s Official Forum.

Custom ROM mainly uses for those devices which don’t get an update online. A custom ROM works as suppose your Android’s version is 4.2.0. So by the help of custom ROM, you can install Android N 7.0. That’s how custom ROM’s Works.

Installing Custom Themes

A theme is a graphic which appears on the display of our Android Device. After Rooting, you can totally customize the graphic of your Android Device. You can install several custom themes which will change the look of your android. Even it will change the feel of using it.

Latest Versions Of Android

As I have explained above that you can install custom ROM’s. After Rooting it’s on you that which version of Android you want in your Android Device. You can Upgrade and Downgrade Android Version Manually.

Kernel, Speed and Battery Life

Many of Custom ROM’s comes with some better performance and Battery Life. Even sometimes developers also tweak with the kernel to making it more better for Use. There are a lot of changes you can make after rooting Android Device.


After Rooting you are able to update baseband on an android phone. The use of Baseband is to control the radio signals. After Updating it you can increase the Quality of Signals and Calls.

Backing Up Your Device

Guest Privilege doesn’t have the ability of Backup of ROM’s Image data and Android’s Data. But After Rooting Android Device you can Install Titanium Backup App that will help you in making a backup of your data. This is one of the Best App for a Rooted Device. If your Device is rooted then you must have to install it. 🙂

Unlocking Additional Features

After Android Rooting there are so many features that you can unlock. Some of the features are Enabling Wi-Fi or USB Tethering. Your carrier may charge for it but after rooting you can do it without any cost.


Disadvantage of Rooting

Every coin has two sides. It is good to root Android but these have some issues too. It doesn’t have so many so you don’t have to worry. Below I mention some of the Main Disadvantage of Android Rooting.


As I mentioned Earlier that after bricking, It’ll damage your phone so it can not be repaired anymore. It will harm your device’s software very badly.


Well, Security is the 2nd main reason why You not to root your Device. After Rooting a device, the chances of installing malicious virus increases more than before. The Stock android provides some of the security restrictions but After rooting your device will get superuser access so the chances of harm increases.


Hope you Guys Like My Post. This post is all about Rooting Android Device and Has a Guide on How to Root Android Device and Advantages and Disadvantages of it.

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