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How to root Android Marshmallow 6.0

How to root Android Marshmallow 6.0?

In this modern age, mobile has transformed into a necessity, life turns out to be incomplete without it. The mobile companies have managed to drive its customer’s handicap since every task can be feasibly accomplished with a mobile, it’s like you name it and it’s done. Consequently, mobile companies’ software like android has tried to move one step ahead by presenting new and advanced programs following by latest ways to modify them as per requirement. The IT geniuses have come up with the rooting the android system, whereby you can get access to the operating system code and all the necessary alterations can be done. Beginning at software modification, software updates, blocking unwanted ads to downloading or uninstalling undesired applications whole show can be executed.The under discussion options have been launched for the advance users for numerous purposes. Introduced in October 2015, marshmallow is the 6th version of the Android.

Root Android Device

The under discussion options have been launched for the advance users for numerous purposes. Introduced in October 2015, marshmallow is the 6th version of the Android operating system (OS). Being the forward-thinking version of the 5.0 OS, it is overtaking the market rapidly. Furthermore, rooting the Android option is popularized among the marshmallow users for a better experience preferably Samsung users. Marshmallow 6.0 functioning as latest technology is better than lollipop 5.0 from different aspects. Besides better performance a noteworthy feature dominating is the one tap options, through which you can use google and find anything desired by a single tap, now that’s technology, equally, it offers larger battery life.Since all the software has a backdrop, similarly not far from various programs, rooting comprises of both benefits and shortcomings.

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Since all the software has a backdrop, similarly not far from various programs, rooting comprises of both benefits and shortcomings.

  • The fundamental advantage of rooting android is auto system updates to upgrade the software.
  • The client can enjoy access to all sorts of applications, plus amendments can be made.
  • A significant advantage of rooting android is pop up ads blocking options, where user can get rid of un wanted ads
  • Wi-Fi hacking is piece of cake, you can hack the Wi-Fi system along with blocking rest of the users
  • A consumer can use it to raise system’s RAM followed by the boost in performance.

Following by disadvantages are discussed below:

  • Rooting your Android calls for some drawbacks as well like chances of your phone getting bricked are maximum. Essentially as the biggest threat in rooting, since its time and money consuming and the user will end up in a service center.
  • If you own a new phone, its warranty might get nullified. Therefore the company is no longer responsible for the mobile and any of its features.
  • Lastly, ad blocking acting both as advantage and drawback, meanwhile the revue generated from the ads tend to decline resulting in fewer updates for the software.

The market is flooded with ample of selections for rooting Android Marshmallow 6.0, OS user is provided with various options regarding this aspect. Rooting through a personal computer, mobile applications, and a video tutorial is among them. The consumer can opt for the best-suited choice. In this article, we will be covering two aspects i.e. through Pc and direct rooting

Rooting through PC

Using software KingRoot windows version can help in getting that, firstly organizing for the procedure involves internet connection and fast PC using very optimal CPU coolers, laptop charged enough and a USB cable. Now the steps involved are discussed below:

  1. Primarily you need to download the software in windows form
  2. The second step includes preparation for launching it by double click on desktop icon
  3. With the help of USB cable attached the mobile device to the system and allows USB debugging selection. ( make sure that your PC has USB driver downloaded. If not, first download it and afterward going to step 3)
  4. Select ROOT to root the android, this may take few minutes and there is a probability of system restart multiple time. Make sure you do not touch on interrupt the process once started.
  5. Finally rooting is completed and the device will reboot automatically.

Direct Rooting:

The indicated process allows rooting the marshmallow 6.0 without the help of PC. The software that can help are TWRP and Kingroot, in order to achieve that, you’ll need G3 D855 and the SuperSU v2.65 files. Later the process demands the following steps:


  1. Copy kingroot while abstracting the root G3 D855 file, later allowing and autorec files to the mobile
  2. Download kingroot software to the mobile, advanced by installing autorec files as well
  3. Install TWRP recovery on the android device; also launch the autorec files previously downloaded. This step will connect custom recovery followed by automatic reboot and startup recovery mode
  4. Next step involves installing it and navigate with the volume button and openHacer file, extract and install
  5. Later open the main menu in TWRP, tap on “reboot” and click on “system”.
  6. At the end, a system will be boot up and the mobile will be booted.

Some of the tips to keep in mind while rooting an android device are discussed below:

  • Better root the android Marshmallow 6.0 once the warranty is over so the chances of warranty cancellation are minimal
  • Safer to have a backup data in case of emergency, since rooting is a tough job and you can end up losing all the data
  • Lastly, make sure that the mobile is charged enough and you have sufficient charges in the device.

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